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Thanks for delivering what your marketing materials promise and exceeding my expectations ten-fold.

- Deborah Wear-Finkle, MD, MPA

This program fits my needs perfectly. If I had to choose again, I'd choose it again in a heartbeat. I highly recommend it.

- Kevin J. Devine, MPA

You consistently demonstrate a superior knowledge and understanding of B2B consulting, executive coaching, marketing, sales, and customer service. Your vast experience, ideas, integrity, and talent have been vital as we take our business to new horizons.

- Dick Powell

The program brings not only an incredible wealth of broad-based business experience to building effective executives,, but one of the smartest and most strategic frameworks to ensure success among a variety of executive stakeholders.

- Suzanne Ross

The program is practical and straightforward, building on real-world leadership issues and challenges; and providing highly effective tools. Using a multi-dimensional training approach that includes group lectures, role playing, personalized one-on-one communication, self-authored books and DVDs, the program not only ensures that learning is effectively passed on but that it sticks like Velcro.

- Tristan B. De La Rosa

Andrew has a rare gift for distilling a clear, step-by-step approach that ensures outstanding achievements. I recommend his work for anyone interested in a streamlined, no nonsense approach to breakaway performance.

- Peter Meyers

I must say that your material is very good. I have purchased some of your competitors' products, but I find that your content is far more advanced.

- Michael Inglis

The IBG Program was an invaluable addition to my toolkit. Rich in content and filled with implementable tools; this capacity builder gave me the immediate confidence to engage in strategic level business discussions, provide meaningful insights and offer operational level solutions. There is no equal. Enroll, complete the program and you will not be disappointed!

- T.M. Dickens

Before signing up, I had high expectations for the coaching portion of the program but suspected that I would glean little in terms of business. I could not have been more mistaken. The CASTLE model you developed provides the framework I had hoped to learn when I earned my MBA and one which I desperately sought for both my management consulting practice and when teaching graduate business courses.... both a rock solid program and an individually empowering experience.

- Jeffrey G. Soper, MBA, Ph.D., Partner at LIPPartners and author of the upcoming book Making Things CLICK: Finding Your Fit or Creating one That Works

ACTP Yes... We are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as an ACTP (as a track under our sister program, the Center for Executive Coaching Certified Executive Coach Program).

FREE Email Course, Business Coaching Podcasts, and Open House:

Sign up for our weekly podcasts, invitations to our "Open Houses," and our powerful 5-part email course: How to get all the clients you can handle as a Certified Business Coach. Enter your email address in the box below:

“Here is the best path to coach business owners and their teams to greater success, while you enjoy a phenomenal income and lifestyle”

Click here to download our color brochure that describes our proprietary C.A.S.T.L.E. System for Business Growth & Success, and to get the details....

Guerrilla Marketing Business Adviser NEW! For a very limited time, your Certification program includes for FREE this must-have credential, exclusive to members of the Institute for Business Growth. Immediately associate yourself with the best-selling and most recognized marketing brand in the world. Gain instant credibility and attract new clients more easily than ever before. ABSOLUTLEY FREE (a $1,985 value). Details below.

ALSO: Get Certified with us and we include a THIRD Credential... Certification as a Sales Trainer & Coach - including ability to use the turnkey, powerful Slingshot Sales Success System -- ABSOLUTELY FREE (a $3,500 value).

ACTP Yes... We are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as an ACTP (as a track under our sister program, the Center for Executive Coaching Certified Executive Coach Program).

Dear Professional,

In the next ten minutes you will learn why the Institute for Business Growth is your best path to succeed as a coach and adviser to business owners. I appreciate your taking the time to read the information that follows, which tells you why business coaching is a growing business, what sets our program apart, pricing, what you receive, and how to get started.

Within a month of taking your program I formed an alliance with a major organization to bring business coaching to their members, and my practice has soared from there!

- Wayne Morris, Eventus Coaching

My experience has been great. I only wish I had known about you sooner. I have recommended this program to several of my colleagues and will continue to do so. Thanks Andrew, you are a wonderful Coach!

- Linda F. Branch

Your approach immediately landed me a $50,000 coaching engagement, and the referrals keep coming.

- Len Rothman

Watch a Video Overview of the Program

Why Are Business Coaches Thriving?

Business coaching continues to be a growth industry, and savvy coaches are enjoying flexible hours, fulfilling work, and high six-figure incomes. That's because business owners around the world need a trusted adviser to help them with pressing issues, including how to:

  • Quickly develop business and management skills that no one ever taught them before;
  • Create a highly profitable business model, one that consistently increases revenues, profits, and cash flow;
  • Develop a dominant strategy that sets the business apart from bigger, smaller, and faster competitors;
  • Attract top talent employees fully engaged, productive, and loyal;
  • Prepare the business for sale at top dollar;
  • Turn the business into a marketing machine that attracts, delights, and keeps customers - and generates ongoing referrals;
  • Stop being a slave to the business, spend more time as CEO instead of chief firefighter, and get their personal lives back;
  • Avoid burn out; and
  • Reignite their passion for the business, and enjoy the same energy and enthusiasm they had when they first bought or started it.

They also want to have someone to talk to. It really is lonely at the top, and many business owners pay top dollar just for a trusted adviser in whom they can confide and bounce ideas around.

The fact is that you can make a great income as a business coach and advisor, as long as you know the right solutions to offer, how to attract clients, how to keep clients for a long time, and how to create other programs and solutions that bring you a stream of income. That’s where we come in.

We show you how to succeed as an adviser and coach to business owners, love what you do, feel confident and secure in the solutions you offer, and make great money in the process. We give you the tools, process, and knowledge you need to confidently walk into a client on day one and bring value to them. In the process, you make your clients feel better and more confident about how they are running their businesses - while helping them save time, make more money, and eliminate their biggest hassles and frustrations as business leaders.

A huge shift: I used to have clients pay me $200 per hour and get just $10,000 per client; now I earn $50,000 to $100,000 over the same time period from each client.

- L.C., Minneapolis MN

I must say that your material is very good. I have purchased some of your competitors' products, but I find that your content is far more advanced.

- Michael Inglis

Secret Number One: Be More Than Just a Coach!

One reason why our members do well is that we show them how to do circles around traditional business coaches. You see, most business coaches think too narrowly about what they do and the value they can bring to clients.

We show you how to make an incredibly powerful shift in your thinking about your role as a professional and about the value you provide. Once you make this shift, you can become the go-to professional in your market and your income potential becomes almost unlimited. You also set yourself apart from most other business coaches in the market. That’s why our members become trusted advisors who earn revenues from a number of services:

  • Traditional Business Coaching: One-on-one or group sessions that focus on showing business leaders how to grow their businesses, create a dominant strategy, improve performance and be more effective regardless of the economy.
  • Specialized Consulting Solutions: Pinpoint revenue, productivity, and profit bottlenecks and make rapid improvements.
  • Group Training Programs: Show business leaders how to improve bottom line performance while focusing on specific solutions for common client problems and to help business owners get reconnected with a passion for running their business.
  • Moderated Leadership Circles: Brings business leaders together to share their successes and challenges in a noncompetitive and confidential setting.
  • Proprietary information products: Focusing on specific off-the-shelf solutions for common client problems.
  • Strategic retreats: Facilitate retreats with executive teams to help them set strategic direction, make tough decisions, and get aligned about where the business is going..

Meeting This “service diversity” gives the flexibility and nimbleness required to quickly adapt to changing market demands. Even now the Institute for Business Growth is training business coaches to recognize emerging opportunities created by turnarounds, mergers, succession planning, new technologies, social media, and new business and marketing systems. Adapt or die is the mantra and our members have the tools to prosper.

Can Anyone Be Successful as a Business adviser and Coach?

After reviewing the professional backgrounds of our members, I would have to say “Yes, if.... ” Our coaches have business experience, high integrity, a passion for helping business owners succeed, a professional attitude, and the commitment to do the work required for success.

But there is a catch. While just about anyone can create the rapport needed to coach, success requires that the business advisor/coach has a proven methodology that is rooted in business and its best practices, as well as a solid business development action plan.

This is especially true for business coaches and advisors who want to work with dynamic companies, the ones with the potential to grow and be worth something when and if the owner wants to sell.

The best business coaches have a “system” that delivers consistently good results almost immediately. In today’s brutal, hypercompetitive, marketplace, a consistent and methodical approach is absolutely critical.

Recognizing this key to success, I developed a proprietary business growth methodology with the acronym “C.A.S.T.L.E.”

Certified Trainers with the IBG use the C.A.S.T.L.E system (click this link to see what the acronym C.A.S.T.L.E stands for) to:

  • Immediately assess a business to know where to focus attention for rapid improvements.
  • Identify 228 ways for businesses to explode their revenues and profits.
  • Empower clients to achieve their most ambitious aspirations for their business.
  • Educate clients in how to teach all employees to work together as a team and achieve aggressive revenue and profit goals.
  • Teach clients to put themselves in a position to dominate their market and attract new customers.
  • Educate business owners on how to save time while getting better results and feeling more satisfied.
  • Empower business owners to build a company that runs smoothly even in their immediate absence.
  • Prepare the business for sale, or for succession to family or up-and-coming leaders.
You consistently demonstrate a superior knowledge and understanding of B2B consulting, executive coaching, marketing, sales, and customer service. Your vast experience, ideas, integrity, and talent have been vital as we take our business to new horizons.

- Dick Powell

The Institute for Business Growth Advantage

The emphasis of our Certified Business Coach training and credentialing program is simple: Get great clients, get great results, and build a successful practice.

Following are the ways that we help you do that, as well as why we stand out:

  • A proven coaching methodology. One of the main reasons an executive hires a coach is because the coach has a proven, proprietary methodology that gets results and addresses their most pressing issues. Unfortunately, most coaches don't have a proprietary methodology, or even know what one is. They just ask open ended questions in the hopes that the client has some sort of sudden insight. At the Institute for Business Growth, we give you a powerful methodology that is an efficient path to results with clients. We also show you how to create your own coaching methodologies, so that you continue to stand apart with your own branding.

  • A no-fluff focus on results. If you aren't getting specific, ambitious results with your clients, you aren't going to last long in this business. Our program has no fluff. We give you ways to assess your client and the situation, understand gaps between where the client is and wants to go, and develop a clear path to getting results -- results worth five to ten times your fees. At the same time, we practice what we call "nowhere to hide coaching," so that your clients are willing to look in the mirror and face the real issues.

  • Content with impact. Our content is rich and deep. It focuses on the key issues that executives face. We know what business owners expect, and we know that other programs fall short.

  • A practical process. If you want academic theory, join a ridiculously- priced program at a local college or university. Then come back to us to fill in the gaps. Our process shows you how to get real results with demanding executive-level clients, as well as a practical system to attract clients and build a successful practice.

  • Helping you to become an established expert and thought leader. To succeed as a coach, you should think of yourself as more than a coach. You are a thought leader, an expert, and a trusted advisor. Once you have this perspective, huge opportunities become available to you. You can build a firm that is worth something, and that you can sell. You can write books, speak, develop seminars, and become a sought-after expert in the market. You can also offer multiple services to your clients, depending on your interests and talents, and including consulting, training, and facilitation. Of course, you can focus on offering one-on-one coaching, but with this new perspective, you can become the go-to professional and open up all sorts of new possibilities. There is an art to making this happen, along with a few key skills and strategies. We show you how.

  • Tools for You to Use with Your Clients. This is not a fuzzy or theoretical program. You get practical, hard-hitting tools to use with your clients, including hundreds of worksheets filled with insights and powerful questions for clients to consider. You can even adapt and re-brand these tools with your name and firm, so long as you give us a footnote. This benefit saves you the trouble of having to reinvent the wheel and lets you get started immediately as a business coach/advisor.

  • Flexible for the busy professional. Our members are often busy professionals, and some are working full time while preparing to make a change. That's why we set our program up so that you can learn in the way that works best for you. It starts with an orientation call to declare your goals and develop the best approach for you, along with a Quick Start Guide. Then you choose from a variety of ways to learn the materials, depending on your schedule and preferences. Listen to weekly live telecalls. Log into our member database to listen to all of our past telecalls. Have one-on-one practice coaching sessions directly with the Founder and Director or the program. You can also practice with other members, or with your colleagues; if you record these sessions, we are delighted to review them for you. In addition, you get printed manuals that contain all of the tools and methodologies. Finally, we offer live seminars for those who want an intensive, rapid path to Certification.

  • Approved by the right organizations. We are approved by both the International Coach Federation, and NASBA.

  • Phenomenal business development system to attract clients, build your practice, and develop your own valuable brand. For the solo coaching professional or firm owner, you won't find a better place to get the support you need to attract clients and build your practice. You get three marketing manuals, and valuable guidance about the best way to set your practice apart, get clients, and build a firm. We are also delighted to review your marketing plans and messages; members rave about our ability to make their marketing strategies and materials much more effective. Approximately 75 percent of members report that they get at least one new client within 3 months of joining the program, which pays back their investment immediately.

  • Highly personal support throughout. This is a small, exclusive program. All tele-classes are taught directly by me, the Founder and Director of the program. You can email me any time to set up a meeting to talk about your marketing, client situations, or practice coaching conversations. I pledge to get back to your requests within one business day, and members report that my personal commitment to their success is one of the most remarkable parts of this program. We also match you up with other members on request, so that you can form alliances and get support from them, too.

What You Need to Succeed as a Business Coach and Advisor

Before you hang your shingle you should know that starting a Business Coaching and Advisory practice from scratch can be difficult…particularly if you want to coach “real” businesses and not the Main Street mom and pop hair salons that other coach training programs teach you how to coach. The good news is that the Institute for Business Growth has created a powerful Business Coaching Certification Program that gives you an advantage.

The comprehensive Business Coaching Certification package offered by IBG includes:

30-Minute Personal Orientation Call

After you register, you receive the entire library of IBG resources (listed below) in the mail. As soon as you receive them, we'll set up a private call where you have the chance to ask questions, discuss your program objectives, and clarify your goals. You can schedule this call immediately on receipt of the materials, or take as much time as you wish to review the materials first. It is up to you, and there is no time limit to set up your orientation call or, for that matter, to complete the program.

book1 The Institute for Business Growth's Proprietary Business Coaching Training Manual

Your manual is packed with the most effective and in-demand business coaching methodologies and solutions, including a business plan to attract clients fast. It takes you step-by-step through the C.A.S.T.L.E. System and how to apply it to clients. It shows you different methods to advise and/or coach clients, and how to offer different programs and services. It also shows you how to assess clients so that you know where to focus and what solutions to offer them. Finally, it gives you guidance about special situations, like succession planning, strategic planning, mergers, and turnarounds. The bottom line: You get proven methodologies and tools to coach and train clients , as well as ongoing support to ensure successful delivery of learned concepts.

An Entire Suite of Professional Client Engagement Spreadsheets and Forms

spreadsheet IBG Certified trainers use these interactive toolkits, in spreadsheet from, to guide client coaching sessions and keep each session focused on results. Each spreadsheet sets you up to offer step-by-step guidance and insights to your clients, and to get immediate results for them. They also give you the confidence and security you need to be able to walk right into a client meeting and deliver!

Here are the seven toolkits that you receive, each filled with forms and idea joggers for you to get immediate results for clients and develop raving fans immediately:

Toolkit One: Improve the numbers. Unlike other programs, we are not afraid to go deep into the numbers. Numbers are the language of business. However, what we have done is identify the key numbers that drive sales, profits, and cash flow. We show you how to help your clients focus on the numbers that really matter, that get the most impact - and systematically and habitually improve them. That’s how you get and keep clients for life! You receive seventeen (17) business calculators to assist business owners accurately review and evaluate their business. These calculators include a profit model, cash flow model, revenue model, receivables aging, financial ratios, time management, lease v. buy and more.

Toolkit Two: Develop a solid marketing foundation. Most business owners have a very limited view of marketing, and this holds them back. With your program, you get a set of fourteen (14) worksheets in spreadsheet format that get your client to develop marketing messages that attract more business to their door. These worksheets give your clients clarity about their competitive advantage, how to motivate prospects to take action, how to build credibility in a crowded and competitive market, and how to develop a memorable identity. They also give you the step-by-step process you need to have your clients thank you and rave about you, so that you feel the sense of accomplishment that makes business coaching and advising so rewarding.

Toolkit Three: Marketing collateral generator. You get a set of nineteen (19) forms, in easy-to-fill-in worksheets, that help clients create marketing collateral to grow revenues: postcards, brochures, two proven direct marketing letters, display ads, successful websites, social media, radio, referral requests, and micro-focused cable television, among others. That way, you come to your clients with the substance you need to help them execute their marketing strategies. Plus, you get a series of telecalls that teaches you the best practices of various marketing collateral and tactics.

Toolkit Four: Choose tactics to improve the numbers. You will be armed with spreadsheets filled with idea joggers for your clients to improve the numbers that drive sales, profits, and cash flow. That way, you can sit down with your clients, pull out any of the sixteen (16) worksheets that come with this file, and instantly generate ideas. There are over 228 ideas to improve the business in this spreadsheet alone, including checklists for social media, referrals, and building credibility with prospects so that they become customers.

Toolkit Five: Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the business. This toolkit assesses the strengths and weaknesses of the business. That way, you quickly know where to focus your energy as a coach and business adviser. To succeed in this market, you need to get results quickly for clients. This assessment tools shows you how to home in on the immediate places where you can have an impact. Now you’ll have the security of knowing that you are moving down the right path with your clients.

Toolkit Six: Strategic planning. Every business needs to take a step back and think about strategic direction. Unfortunately, most business owners get too busy to take the time to do this crucial activity. Also, most businesses don’t know what strategy really means. With your strategic planning forms, in easy-to-use worksheet formats, you’ll help your clients identify key priorities and action plans for success going forward - including how to gain an edge over the competition, seize opportunities, and continue to improve results over the short- and long-term.

Toolkit Seven: Get leverage and grow the value of the business. Most business owners are working for their company, and not the other way around. You can be their hero forever by helping them develop their business to run almost without them. Your spreadsheet includes fourteen (14) vital worksheets and forms for your clients to increase the value of their business by creating systems, processes, and leadership that have the business running smoothly, with or without them.

To the best of our knowledge, no other training program provides this scope of content. Even major business schools don’t give their MBA students this type of step-by-step guidance about growing a successful business!

Get Two Coaching Manuals to Position You to Coach at Bigger and Better Businesses

You also receive two manuals that will set you apart as a Business Coach and Advisor. You see, most business coaches can only work with tiny companies. They simply don’t have the tools to move up the ladder and work with growing companies and their executive teams. These two manuals show you how to coach leadership team and executives to be more effective, better engage and mobilize employees, set strategy, build a high-performance culture, and more. They include workbook-style forms that you can use with clients to help them be more effective leaders, communicators, and managers. Our members rave about these resources, because they help them work with clients whose businesses are in the $5 million up to $150 million range, and sometimes even larger.

Weekly Tele-classes

Each week during the class cycle, IBG conducts a network-wide tele-class to inform you about new coaching opportunities, share successful practice and provide ongoing professional development and training. The call schedule includes the following topics (many of which are covered over multiple calls):

  • Coaching conversations for maximum results
  • Setting up the engagement structure
  • Assessing the client
  • Helping the client get control of the most important numbers in any business
  • Creating a profitable revenue, profit, and cash flow model
  • Improving the numbers
  • Working with start-ups
  • Helping the client overcome limiting beliefs and get back in touch with inspiration and passion
  • Developing a dominant strategy
  • 228 Tactics that improve the numbers and create loyal customers
  • Strategies to generate more leads
  • Building leaders for the future
  • Getting the client to shift from “stuck” to “unstuck”
  • Engaging and mobilizing employees, so that they can run the business without the owner constantly managing them
  • Coaching the client on how to write a compelling marketing message - whether for traditional marketing collateral, a website, or social media
  • Putting in place a powerful machine that enables growth and improvements in profits
  • Special situations: turnarounds, succession planning, mergers, preparing for sale
  • How to create a business that can be sold for top dollar
  • Different ways to offer advisory services and solutions, including coaching, training, leadership circles, and information programs
  • Writing a book to establish yourself as an expert
  • The 28 alliances every business coach needs to form
  • The proposal and contract
  • Closing engagements
  • Overcoming “low pricing self esteem” and how to price based on real value
  • The six steps to a million-dollar coaching and advisory firm

Exclusive Access to our IBG Network

IBG Certified Trainers succeed because they bring the expertise, experience and resources of the entire network to their marketplace. When you sign up, you become a lifetime member of The Institute for Business Growth, which includes solution sharing, professional development opportunities, and lead exchanges with other participants.

Sole proprietors who go it alone cannot compete with the ideas and support that our network makes possible.

Certificate documenting that you are a "Certified Business Coach" from the Institute for Business Growth.

IBG Certificate You receive an 8.5" X 11" certificate documenting your completion of the Institute for Business Growth program. This credential recognizes your mastery of the Institute for Business Growth proprietary materials, skills, strategies, and business acumen enabling you to offer the services of business coach. This Certificate is professionally produced and suitable for framing. It includes approved training hours with the International Coach Federation.

Marketing Collateral to Use on Your Website

You also receive marketing collateral to use on your website and marketing materials attesting to your certification.

The acclaimed, proprietary C.A.S.T.L.E. System for Business Growth

The C.A.S.T.L.E. System has been road tested with businesses from around the world, and it works. You can use this system with clients, and brand it under your name (so long as you give us a footnote). Even better, we work with you to show you how to develop YOUR OWN PROPRIETARY MODEL that becomes an asset in your firm and the foundation for books, information products, licensing, assessments, and many other products and solutions for clients. Once you learn how to do this, your life changes forever, because you can grow a firm that makes you wealthy. You control your own destiny, and can beat any other business coach, consultant, or adviser who has to rely on a franchise or the name of a famous business guru to try to attract clients.

Guerrilla Marketing Job Escape Plan Guerrilla Marketing Job Escape Plan, by Guerrilla Marketing founder Jay Conrad Levinson and IBG Director Andrew Neitlich

NEW: Get your free copy of Guerrilla Marketing Job Escape Plan: The Ten Battles You Must Fight to Start Your Own Business, and How to Win Them Decisively by Institute for Business Growth Director Andrew Neitlich and Guerrilla Marketing father and founder Jay Conrad Levinson. This book lays out a powerful methodology you can use with any clients in start-up mode, to help them make sure that they are doing the right things to get their business growing. Also, we now feature an additional, new series of tele-calls about working with start ups and entrepreneurs.

Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches, by Guerrilla Marketing founder Jay Conrad Levinson and IBG Director Andrew Neitlich

This book is getting rave reviews from executive and business coaches. It unlocks six steps to creating a million-dollar coaching firm. In addition, you get a series of tele-calls walking you through each and every step - along with ongoing support directly from me to help you achieve your marketing and business goals.

Special Bonus Tele-Calls: Succeeding as an Expert and Firm Builder

Your program includes additional tele-calls that guide you through the process of building a firm. It is fine if you want to be a solo coach, because you can make a fantastic living coaching clients on a for-fee basis. However, if you want to build a firm that generates long-term wealth for you, you need to create leverage in your practice. You have to know how to do some or all of the following: market information products, write and publish a book quickly, lead seminars, form powerful alliances with complementary professionals, create subscription programs for your clients, learn to license your content, and become a sought-after speaker. These bonus calls show you how to do these things, and I will also work with you personally to help you develop your firm building strategy and road map. If you have aspirations of developing a firm and being the go-to expert in your market -- and reaping the rewards of streams of income and higher fees -- then you will find these calls to be a highlight of your career.

Exclusive Online Member Area Featuring All Past Lectures... in Downloadable mp3 Format

As soon as you join, you get access to all past teleclasses in our exclusive online member area - plus access to each and every lecture after they happen (in case you miss any or would prefer not to attend the live classes). You can listen online from your computer, or download the recordings to any recording device as an mp3 file. Listen in your car, while exercising or relaxing, or any time you wish and use this wealth of exclusive information to strengthen every aspect of your coaching and business practice.

Remember: This area also serves as an archive storing all future lectures. That way, you constantly get new information to upgrade your executive coaching practice and skills!

Over 7 Hours of Leadership Coaching Demonstration Videos

In addition to tools and audio lectures, your member area also includes over 7 hours of video demonstrating leadership coaching. If you learn best by watching, these videos will demonstrate exactly how to have key coaching conversations with clients.

A Personal, Robust, 5th Generation Assessment Tool and Executive Session - a $750 Value

Your program gives you a number of ways to assess your clients, so that you both know exactly what the gaps are and how to address them. In addition, you get to take one of the leading assessment tools out there, the ProfileXT, along with a FREE executive session to review your profile. The ProfileXT has been validated worldwide as a tool to understand executives and business owners and help them get better. It is much deeper and more insightful than the typical four-square assessment tool. We also discuss over a dozen over assessment tools, so that you can choose for yourself which one(s) are best for your coaching practice.

Ongoing Support

Unlike most programs, which cut you loose after your training is complete, we give you ongoing support. Anytime you have an issue to discuss about growing your practice or working with a client, I will respond within one business day to serve as a sounding board and, where possible, provide guidance. This support is ongoing at no additional cost.

Mock Coaching Sessions to Refine Your Coaching Skills

Practice is the key to becoming a successful Business Coach. For this reason, we have a variety of ways to help you practice and refine your coaching skills. We match you with fellow members. We review any recorded coaching sessions with clients, colleagues, or friends you send to us for review. We have group practicum sessions where members practice coaching and give supportive and constructive feedback. And, on request, I will personally work with you one-on-one to practice your skills. It is up to you. We work with you to make sure you feel confident and comfortable as a coach!

Remember.... IBG is a highly personalized program, not a "union" shop. We have members call us all the time for advice and support, and are happy to provide it. For instance, if you have a client situation and want to bounce ideas around with me, I will do my absolute best to accommodate you on short notice. In other words, once you are a member, you are a member for life and I am here to support you.

(NOTE: To get Certified with us, you only need 6 reviewed coaching sessions, either recorded with a colleague/client, or directly with us. However, take comfort in knowing that you get as much practice as you desire, with no time limit; this is something else that sets our program apart.)

Thanks for delivering what your marketing materials promise and exceeding my expectations ten-fold.

- Deborah Wear-Finkle

This program fits my needs perfectly. If I had to choose again, I'd choose it again in a heartbeat. I highly recommend it.

- Kevin J. Devine, MPA

Take Comfort: The Price is Extremely Affordable

Let’s do the numbers. Smart coaches spend only two to three days working with clients, and the rest of the time marketing and creating new programs and products. That way, you set yourself up to build a firm and not constantly be trading our time for dollars. Assume you can work with six clients per day, and charge between $1,000 and $3,000 per client per month. Do the math, and you can see what’s possible. And that is before you lead strategic retreats (for $20,000 to $50,000 per engagement, depending on the size of the client), train executive teams, lead group coaching programs, and sell information programs in your market.

Meanwhile, you can pay a franchise $25,000 up to $350,000. Competitive programs change $10,000 and up - and don’t offer all of our toolkits, marketing support, and personalized support.

Or you can join the Institute for Business Growth. We are a small program that gives you all of the tools described above, along with highly personal support. We don’t invest in a huge sales infrastructure, and so you pay a lot less. Best of all, a single client pays back your investment, and more.

For $7,500 you get everything described on this website - including Certification as a business coach, the C.A.S.T.L.E. Model for Business Growth, Certification as a sales trainer and coach along with the Slingshot Sales Success System, the Official Guerrilla Marketing Advisor designation, our many toolkits, marketing support, and more. If you have done some research on other programs, you'll know that this price is extremely competitive - especially when you factor in all of the tools, content, and support that you get with the program. Also, I understand that you may have an “entrepreneurial budget” right now and that the credit crunch continues; which is why we offer a convenient payment plan for no-cost financing. If you would like to discuss monthly installments, call me on my personal cell at 941-539-9623.

Note: There are no hidden fees, monthly dues, royalty payment or licensing fees.

Before you register, I would like to peruse your bio or resume, and have a brief call to confirm fit. You can call me anytime at 941-539-9623 and email your bio or resume to me at my personal email at

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Warning: Unlike the directors of some other programs, I intend to be completely open and up front with you. I can show you the most effective ways to get clients and how to get results for them, and the numbers above speak to the potential of this profession. However, coaching, consulting, and similar fields are competitive and take effort and commitment for you to succeed. I can show you the way, and this training program can help you get into this satisfying and rewarding field, but I can't guarantee your success or run your practice for you. Please don't sign up and take this training/certification program if you are not willing to make a commitment and do the work, or if you are looking for a guaranteed path to rapid wealth. Ultimately success is up to you and your hard work, as is the case in any worthy endeavor in life.

I highly recommend this program to those aspiring to be business and executive coaches and consultants.

- Adrian Torres

5 Additional FREE Bonuses For You - Worth $9,064

I have spent thousands of dollars on other training classes and your program brought significantly more value to our day-to-day activities than they did. The price is very justified, given the step-by-step and the comprehensive, valuable, applicable advice that is offered. It is a must for any professional looking at starting a firm.

- Nabil Freij

Everything described above is more than enough for you to succeed in the business adviser and coaching field. They also provide more value, personal support, and depth of practical, hard-hitting content than any other program on the market. However, let me add a few other resources at no cost for you. Some of these are only available for a very limited time, including the OFFICIAL Guerrilla Marketing Business Adviser Credential.

Jumpstart Bonus #1: Value $499.00, Included for Free in IBG Certified Business Coach Package…How to Lead Strategic Retreats for $20,000 per Session!

Here's another quick action opportunity.

In just 2 to 5 days you can earn $20,000 leading a retreat for business leaders (some of our students report that they have received up to $100,000 for this service). Both you and your clients will love this retreat format because it allows them to organize a clear strategic direction without spending months of consulting time to get answers.

This bonus report, which we also discuss on our live telecalls, reveals everything you need to get started in this thrilling income opportunity.

Jumpstart Bonus #2: Value: $2,995. The Step-By-Step Marketing Plan Guidebook - and Complete, personalized review of your marketing message, website, and marketing plan.

We are known for our insights about marketing coaching and advisory services. After all, I am the co-author of Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches: Six Steps to Building Your Million-Dollar Practice. Our members receive an entire library of telecalls about attracting clients, along with 27 pieces of sample marketing collateral (which will also be useful for working with your clients who want marketing samples). In addition, you receive a proven, practical guidebook that is perhaps the most efficient marketing plan available. Most importantly, I will personally review your marketing message, collateral, website, and plan so that you take all of these resources and customize them to YOUR style and needs. I charge major consulting and professional service thousands of dollars to review their marketing collateral and materials, and this service is included in your program AT NO ADDITIONAL COST.

Jumpstart Bonus #3: Guru Millionaire - A $79.00 Value.

Guru Millionare Within the 173 pages of Guru Millionaire, you can unlock a passive revenue stream. This is a thorough step-by-step method to create revenue that is not dependent on your time. In other words, you'll be free to pursue other activities while earning this income. I won't sugarcoat it, there's initial work to be done but you can accomplish this bit by bit as you concentrate on your new executive coaching business.

At a certain point, your efforts will reach a critical mass and you will see this hands-off income stream start to flow into your bank account. No, it's not a ‘get rich quick' scheme where you sit back and do nothing. But if you're prepared to do some initial work to start the ‘passive income' ball rolling, you'll find overwhelming value in Guru Millionaire.

To my delight, Guru Millionaire has become a growing subject of interest from inquiries into this program. It's no wonder, given that it enables you to create a revenue stream based on knowledge you already have.

If you enroll in the IBG program today, I'll send it out to right away with all the other materials.

****Jumpstart Bonus #4: You also get Certified as a Sales Trainer and Coach with The Sales Trainer Certification Institute, along with the Slingshot Sales Success System, a $3,500 value. Yours FREE.****

Sales training is a great fit with business coaching and advisory services, and we make it easy for you to learn and deliver best practice sales training content. This program includes 37 training and coaching modules for you to help people be more effective at sales. You also get Certified to use the Slingshot Sales Success System, a comprehensive 4-part program that takes salespeople, sales managers, and others to the next level in sales success. There is no easier way to show value to a company or business owner than by increasing his/her sales, and this program gives you the tools to do exactly that. There are modules for working with people new to sales, working with seasoned salespeople, and working with sales managers. You can create short and longer coaching or training programs, and mix and match modules depending on your client’s needs. We show you how. Comparable programs cost between $10,000 and $60,000, so this is a truly unique and incredible value. We are testing this offer for a very limited time, so if you need any reason to take action now, this is it.


Guerrilla Marketing Business Adviser FOR A VERY LIMITED TIME ONLY: Bonus #5 - $1,990 Value: Thanks to my relationship with Guerrilla Marketing Founder and Father Jay Conrad Levinson, he has given me the exclusive rights to develop and market the OFFICIAL Guerrilla Marketing Business Adviser Credential as part of this program. Guerrilla Marketing is among the best-known business and marketing brands in the world, and has sold over 21 million books worldwide. This credential will open doors for you and help to close sales. It gives you immediate credibility! Your program includes lectures from Jay and I about the Guerrilla Marketing philosophy and how to implement it with your clients. You also get to use the OFFICIAL Guerrilla Marketing Business Adviser logo in your materials, including an ADDITIONAL Certificate that you receive. With all respect, if this bonus doesn’t get you to join the Institute for Business Growth, then you are not serious about learning how to be a business coach and adviser. Click here to read a letter from Jay himself, recommending this program.

The Institute for Business Growth Pledge

  1. We will provide the highest level of personal support possible, including one-on-one discussions directly with the Founder and Director and a rapid turnaround time in responding to your requests and questions.

  2. Andrew Neitlich teaches all classes personally, not someone he has trained. That way, you work directly with the program developer.

  3. We will go out of our way to help you achieve your specific goals and aspirations as a leading business coach and advisor.

  4. Once you join our program, you are a member for life. We don’t just cut you loose after you graduate.

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You choose whether to complete the program in several weeks, a few months, or at whatever pace you set for yourself. The average time is three to six months.

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P.S. I don't know any other program that offers as much as we do to our members, including: the CASTLE Model for Business Growth and Success; OFFICIAL Guerrilla Marketing Business Adviser Credential: Sales Trainer & Coach Certification Program, including the Slingshot Sales Success System; manuals; personal support; live teleclasses; member area; recordings of all previous teleclasses; video demonstrations; and dozens of tools to use with clients. Please don't forget that you also get ongoing one-on-one support to help you attract clients and build your practice, from a recognized expert in helping coaches, consultants, and advisers start and build their businesses.

Andrew Neitlich Andrew Neitlich is the founder of the Institute for Business Growth, a leading trainer of executive-level coaches, and runs his own highly successful business coaching and advisory firm. His clients include emerging technology firms, professional services firms, consumer products companies, financial services firms, and entertainment companies. He received his undergraduate degree from Harvard College in 1987 and his MBA from Harvard Business School in 1991. He is the author of five books on business leadership, including Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches, and is a frequent speaker and seminar leader at conferences and events.