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Thanks for delivering what your marketing materials promise and exceeding my expectations ten-fold.

- Deborah Wear-Finkle, MD, MPA

This program fits my needs perfectly. If I had to choose again, I'd choose it again in a heartbeat. I highly recommend it.

- Kevin J. Devine, MPA

You consistently demonstrate a superior knowledge and understanding of B2B consulting, executive coaching, marketing, sales, and customer service. Your vast experience, ideas, integrity, and talent have been vital as we take our business to new horizons.

- Dick Powell

The program brings not only an incredible wealth of broad-based business experience to building effective executives,, but one of the smartest and most strategic frameworks to ensure success among a variety of executive stakeholders.

- Suzanne Ross

The program is practical and straightforward, building on real-world leadership issues and challenges; and providing highly effective tools. Using a multi-dimensional training approach that includes group lectures, role playing, personalized one-on-one communication, self-authored books and DVDs, the program not only ensures that learning is effectively passed on but that it sticks like Velcro.

- Tristan B. De La Rosa

Andrew has a rare gift for distilling a clear, step-by-step approach that ensures outstanding achievements. I recommend his work for anyone interested in a streamlined, no nonsense approach to breakaway performance.

- Peter Meyers

I must say that your material is very good. I have purchased some of your competitors' products, but I find that your content is far more advanced.

- Michael Inglis

The IBG Program was an invaluable addition to my toolkit. Rich in content and filled with implementable tools; this capacity builder gave me the immediate confidence to engage in strategic level business discussions, provide meaningful insights and offer operational level solutions. There is no equal. Enroll, complete the program and you will not be disappointed!

- T.M. Dickens

Before signing up, I had high expectations for the coaching portion of the program but suspected that I would glean little in terms of business. I could not have been more mistaken. The CASTLE model you developed provides the framework I had hoped to learn when I earned my MBA and one which I desperately sought for both my management consulting practice and when teaching graduate business courses.... both a rock solid program and an individually empowering experience.

- Jeffrey G. Soper, MBA, Ph.D., Partner at LIPPartners and author of the upcoming book Making Things CLICK: Finding Your Fit or Creating one That Works

ACTP Yes... We are accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as an ACTP (as a track under our sister program, the Center for Executive Coaching Certified Executive Coach Program).

FREE Email Course, Business Coaching Podcasts, and Open House:

Sign up for our weekly podcasts, invitations to our "Open Houses," and our powerful 5-part email course: How to get all the clients you can handle as a Certified Business Coach. Enter your email address in the box below:

About Us

The Institute for Business Growth is an innovative organization that trains consultants, coaches, and entrepreneurs to help other business leaders succeed.

We believe that we now offer a total package for business coaches seeking success in the market. This package includes a process, structure, and content to become an outstanding business coach and get results…along with a proven marketing system for attracting clients. To help our members attract even more clients, we recently launched an executive-level coach and consultant matching service.

Our unique training model is more affordable and flexible than franchises and other training options, and yet brings with it the same, if not superior, support and tools. Also, because we offer a perpetual license to you to re-brand and use our tools with clients, you can “hit the ground running” with an instant solution set. Perhaps most importantly, we focus on the strategies you need to attract clients and build a successful practice.

Despite this growth, we keep each class small and highly personalized. While other programs invest heavily in a glitzy marketing presentation and polished sales professionals, we prefer to attract a very few, very committed members who seek substance and a roadmap to success. Then we give them everything we can to help assure their success.

When you join the IBG (which is an ICF-approved ACTP under our sister program The Center for Executive Coaching), you are not a student but rather a “member for life.” We take great pride in the fact that members continue to contact us for advice and guidance – or just to touch base and bounce new ideas around – long after they get certified. Many continue to join in on our weekly tele-calls; that’s because we constantly add new content and deliver our core content in new and creative ways.

Andrew Neitlich

The IBG was founded by Andrew Neitlich. He received his MBA from Harvard Business School in 1991. Since that time, he has built up and sold business in a variety of industries – consulting, finance, publishing, and sports. He works closely with leading venture capitalists and investment bankers to grow emerging companies and help finance them, both as a business coach and interim executive. Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches He has led almost every type of marketing campaign imaginable in a range of industries -- for his consulting clients and for his own ventures -- including television, radio, print, direct response, web-based, guerilla marketing, referral marketing, and educational marketing. He has also led numerous coaching and consulting engagements for national and international clients, and was the head of training and professional development for a major management consulting firm. He is the author of five books on business leadership and a frequent speaker and writer. His book Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches, shown here, is co-authored with Guerrilla Marketing co-founder Jay Conrad Levinson (developer of the Guerrilla Marketing brand, with over 21 million books sold).

You can contact us at any time for more information.