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“Finally! A robust Emotional Intelligence coach training certification program that shifts coaches from all of the fluff and jargon surrounding EI to the practical value and measurable results that clients care about.”

Increase your coaching impact significantly while positioning yourself with the premiere Emotional Intelligence coaching certification.

The Center for Executive Coaching in Collaboration with Genos Presents…

The Certified Emotional Intelligence Executive & Leadership Coach Training Program

Measurable Results – Market-Driven – Ongoing Support


Most coaches already know that Emotional Intelligence (EI) is one of the most important and marketable buzzwords in the field today. If you are a serious coach, you need to have a quality Certification in best practices in coaching leaders and their teams in Emotional Intelligence.

The problem is that there is too much fluff, jargon, and pseudoscience surrounding the work of Emotional Intelligence. Many programs that are out there are lightweight, quite frankly cheap, and cause executives to roll their eyes in frustration.

Until now, when there is FINALLY an EI program on the market focused on practical results and measurable impact for clients….

Two leading organizations have come together to bring a practical, behaviorally-based, results-driven program to the field of EI. We have done this because we saw the opportunity and need to break through all of the fluff and give coaches and their clients a way to bring practical processes and results to all of the hype and jargon surrounding EI.

The Center for Executive Coaching has been known for over two decades for providing best-practice, practical coaching methodologies for professionals from around the world who want to coach leaders, executives, business owners, and up-and-coming talent. Genos is known for developing one of the most powerful Emotional Intelligence assessments on the market – one that is robust, highly validated, behaviorally-based and therefore actionable, and that produces high-quality reports that meet the requirements of senior leadership teams.

Learn more about the Genos Model of Emotional Intelligence

Together, we have created a best-in-class Coaching EI Certification Training Program specifically for leadership and executive and leadership coaches. It shifts EI coaching to a much more grounded, results-focused, and valuable client experience. If you want to have more measurable, significant impact in your coaching, and if you know that EI is an important solution to offer clients, you should get certified with us—even if you already have other coaching or EI certifications.


  • Best-in-breed. Before creating this program we researched the top Emotional Intelligence assessments on the market in depth. Your program includes the Genos Emotional Intelligence assessment, which we determined is the most robust, reliable, accepted in the market, and provides the highest-quality reporting for an executive audience. Yes, there are plenty of cheap EI assessments on the market, and you can use those at your peril. This program is for coaches who want to work with the best.
  • Practical and results-driven for demanding clients. The program does not tolerate buzzwords, jargon, fluff, or pseudoscience. It is practical, results, and ROI-driven, and focused on measurable return on investment for demanding organizational clients and their teams.
  • From the often uncomfortable world of EI–speak to the language the executives and managers understand and REQUIRE: metrics, performance, and results. Unlike other programs, we don’t wallow in EI theory or stop with emotions. We show you how no other program matches our ability to effectively shift coaches and clients from EI directly to the language that executives and managers speak and understand: behaviors, metrics, performance, and results.
  • Applies to all levels of organizational talent: From C-suite to up-and-coming talent.
  • Turnkey. You receive step-by-step coaching plans, tools, and methods that you can implement immediately.
  • Ongoing support. You are a member and receive ongoing, personalized support directly from the founders and trainers – both about attracting clients and how best to deliver solutions and results to them.
  • Business development guidance and support. You receive the Center for Executive Coaching’s renowned Business Development Intensive program as part of your investment. This gives you unparalleled guidance and support to grow your practice. During your training you also receive specific guidance about positioning your EI practice to be a go-to professional in the market. No other program comes close to offering this level of support – directly from the author of Guerrilla Marketing for Coaches – and from two professionals who have closed millions of dollars of engagements during their careers.
  • Wide-ranging applications. We show you how to apply Emotional Intelligence to the top leadership challenges that executive and leadership coaching clients face. That way, you have the most efficient and effective approaches to solve pressing problems and provide clear value to your clients.
  • Center for Executive Coaching tools and methods. An ICF Approved Coach Training Provider (ACPT), We have been training coaches in 32 countries since 2002, including professionals from the US Marines, National Basketball Association, Deloitte, Microsoft, Kaiser-Permanente, Brown University, Partners Healthcare, Macy’s, Stryker, US Department of Homeland Security, AT&T, Aflac, Procter & Gamble, Laser Spine Institute, United Nations, International Red Cross, Capital One, Bank of America, Ralph Lauren, and Coca Cola. We have applied our proven tools and methods to the Genos approach to EI, for an unbeatable combination that gets results while using a growing and in-demand approach to improving performance. When you get Certified with us, you gain access to our practical, proven approach and depth of experience.
  • Seasoned faculty that teaches you directly. With other programs, you learn from trainers who are carbon copies of the founders. Here, at least for now, you learn directly from the program developers – two coaches with decades of experience coaching professionals while training and mentoring other coaches. See below to learn more.

Benefits to You

As a result of the above advantages, you gain the following benefits from this training and Certification.

  • Tap into a sizzling market – while aligning yourself with leading brands.
  • Be more attractive to organizations, who increasingly ask for the best EI solution available.
  • Be able to translate the language of EI into specific behaviors, so that your clients can make specific changes in performance and see real results.
  • Take pride in having specific ways to measure and document results with clients and prove your value.
  • Go deeper with clients, in ways that they will appreciate and feel comfortable using.
  • Have significantly more impact as a coach, in ways that really matter to clients and their organizations.
  • Stop worrying that your clients think coaching and EI are too fluffy, vague, or irrelevant – that won’t be an issue after this training!
  • Position yourself as a leader in EI and in your niche.
  • Grow your practice and achieve your revenue goals.
  • Have much more confidence as a coach than you have ever had.
  • Gain ICF CEUs and live training hours, if desired.

About Your Faculty

In addition to our collaboration with leadership at the global Genos organization, your program was developed and is led by:

Mike PacholekMichael Pacholek. Michael is president of Summit Assessment Solutions, founded in 1998. Michael has advised thousands of executives around the world as a coach, consultant, and expert in assessment tools, from Fortune 500 companies to global franchises and emerging ventures. With global expertise in the use of leading-edge executive and management profiling tools, Michael’s expertise provides leaders with an awareness of their leadership approach, and measures of its organizational effectiveness. He has logged thousands of hours of coaching experience with dynamic CEOs and executives, and is known for long-term relationships with some of the largest companies in the world. Michael specializes in client engagements that include executive assessment, leadership coaching, strategic planning, succession planning, and a transformational approach to encourage team alignment. Michael’s success as an executive coach and business advisor has contributed to his understanding of what determines success in a coaching engagement. Michael’s ability to transfer knowledge to his clients is also reflected in the development of hundreds of other executive coaches who operate successful coaching practices. He is a true entrepreneur who develops leaders and their organizations, as well as some of the best practitioners of the coaching industry.

Andrew NeitlichAndrew Neitlich. Andrew is the Founder and Director of the Center for Executive Coaching. He has trained over 1,500 coaches since 2002 and written one of the definitive textbooks on the subject of coaching leaders, executives, and up-and-coming talent. He is known for his no-nonsense but humorous style, which gets to the bottom line and emphasizes results and breakthroughs in performance while still strengthening relationships. His coaching practice focuses on dynamic leaders diverse industries including non-profits, technology, education, healthcare, finance, and well-funded startups. Andrew received his MBA from Harvard Business School in 1991.

What’s Included

Here is what you receive with your program:

  • Your choice or either distance learning or in-person seminar to complete your training and certification. The in-person seminar includes 25 ICF CEUs or training hours towards an ICF designation.
  • The Center for Executive Coaching’s proprietary 427-page textbook The Way to Coach Executives.
  • The EI Certified Coach Training Manual, including the Coaching EI behavioral methodology and specific coaching questions and conversations to have to help clients through specific leadership challenges that involve EI.
  • An 8.5” x 11” Certificate, suitable for framing, attesting to your Certification.
  • One year of ongoing support directly from the program developers and instructors. Unlike other training and certification programs, we don’t just cut you loose after the program. The Center for Executive Coaching is famous for supporting its alumni long after they complete their work with us, and we bring this same commitment to support to your program.
  • A complete suite of business development support to help you attract clients and grow your practice, including The Center for Executive Coaching’s Business Development Intensive, an online program that includes over 18 hours of recorded webinar and toolkits to help coaches attract more clients and position themselves as the go-to professionals in the marketplace. We also customize this program to provide you with sample marketing copy to attract EI clients, powerful questions to ask prospective clients to qualify them and get them interested in EI coaching, and proposal templates to close EI coaching engagements,
  • When you are also Certified to use the Genos Assessments: All of the components of the Genos Assessment programs, including use of the Genos logos, assessment center, and tools.

View the program curriculum

Investment and Registration

Investment is based on costing less than the typical single client engagement. In addition, you get a turnkey program that costs less than what many assessment companies charge just to get certified in their assessment tool!

To register, click any of the following buttons. You may pay in full and save, or via convenient installments.


You can choose from one of two options, depending on whether you want to also get certified with the Genos assessment as part of your program. The Genos assessment is conducted online. For your EI Coach Certification, you choose whether to come to a 3.5 day in-person seminar or to complete the program via distance learning (2-4 months at your pace, with no deadline; includes live teleclasses). Once you register, we will contact you within one business day to confirm whether you choose to complete the program via the in-person seminar or distance learning.


JANUARY 17 – 20, 2019; Phoenix, Arizona
JUNE 20 – 24, 2019; Denver, Colorado
October 17 – 20, 2019; Ann Arbor, Michigan

Option One – Most Popular: Certification in both the Genos Assessment and as an Emotional Intelligence Executive Coach. This is the premiere program that gives you everything you need to set your practice apart in EI coaching. You complete your Genos Assessment Certification via convenient online training at your pace. For the EI Executive Coach Certification, you have your choice: Attend a 3.5-day in-person seminar (see above dates) or complete your training completely via distance learning at your pace. The cost of the program is $9,000 and you can pay up front to save $200 or pay in nine convenient monthly installments of $1,000 per month. This investment is less than the cost of most premium assessment tool certifications and yet includes a turnkey “coaching and business in a box” training program.


Option Two: Certification as an Emotional Intelligence Executive Coach, without the Genos Assessment Certification. This is the option for those who are already Certified as Genos coaches, who are certified in another EI assessment tool and are satisfied with it, or for those who want to take a wait-and-see approach before getting certified in the Genos EI assessment. You learn how to coach using best practices in emotional intelligence in order to get maximum results for your clients. You can attend a 3.5-day in-person seminar (see above dates) or complete your training via distance learning at your pace. Your investment is $6,000. You can pay up front and save $100 or pay in 12 convenient monthly installments of just $500.


If you have any questions about this program, contact Michael Pacholek at or at any time. Note: If you are already a member of the Center for Executive Coaching, contact us for special pricing. ARE YOU INTERESTED BUT YOU NEED TO EXPERIENCE THE GENOS ASSESSMENT FIRST TO BE SURE? CONTACT US FOR A COMPLIMENTARY ASSESSMENT SO THAT YOU CAN MAKE AN INFORMED DECISION.

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